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We are partners for solidarity agriculture in Dorf Tirol

We support our partner the organic farm "Bachguter" in Dorf Tirol

What is solidarity farming?
Solidarity-based farming is the living realisation of "modern" buzzwords such as regionality, sustainability, organic farming, fair farming, seasonality, 0 km philosophy.

The solidarity farming project was launched by Bachguter Hof in 2015 as the first project of its kind in South Tyrol and we at Tiroler Adler were the first hotel and restaurant to support the concept in Dorf Tirol from the very beginning.
As a partner, we give a purchase guarantee for the agricultural products of the organic farm and finance the cultivation and the farmer's income with our contributions. In return, we receive his products on a daily basis if required.
You can enjoy these products with us on our salad bar and by eating the freshly cooked vegetables.
Organic farms can be assumed to have anchored in their objectives the harmonious cultivation, production and harvesting in harmony with nature.

Benefits for our guests


All products are absolutely fresh, seasonal and varied. The products could not be fresher, as we source the farm produce daily and can guarantee absolute freshness thanks to the short transport route. Salads, for example, are often harvested just one hour before they are needed. Please understand that we can only offer organic products that are just ripe.

Own production and short transport routes

All labelled products come 100% from the Bioland farm "Bachguter" in Dorf Tirol and therefore have 0 km behind them.


The cultivation is carried out according to the strict Bioland guidelines, which means that "our" farmer does not use any chemical-synthetic substances and is certified annually by ABCERT. Seeds and varieties come from organic breeding and propagation.


As the Bachguter farmer can concentrate on cultivation, only varieties with good flavour and resistance are selected. Only sun-ripened products of the best possible quality are harvested.

Benefits for the farmer and the environment

For the farmer

  • Planning security and the guarantee of a regular income for his family
  • the family's jobs are secure
  • Independence from the world market: the price of the products is set by the farmers themselves. This ensures a fair wage for the work done.
  • Through pre-financing (advance payment by us), costs for planting and seeds as well as machinery can be financed while maintaining liquidity.
  • the farm can maintain diversity and crop rotation
  • Direct feedback on the quality and desirability of the products through direct contact with us
  • Our flexibility in purchasing: e.g. we can change our menu during harvest time so that we can purchase the ripe food and thus avoid surpluses on the farmer's farm.

For the environment

  • the possible crop rotation and biodiversity keep the soil as a production factor and the plants healthier, they need less crop protection
  • 0 km transport (products remain in the village) saves fuel
  • the system of community-supported agriculture supports the closed cycle
  • Holistic farming creates diverse biotopes for insects and beneficial organisms
  • old animal breeds that are threatened with extinction are kept on the farm: Kune Kune pigs, Mechelen meat chickens
  • Seed-resistant and old vegetable and fruit varieties are grown on the farm and thus preserved
  • solidarity farming offers a security that makes it possible to become independent of intensive apple and wine growing (which are otherwise common in Dorf Tirol) and supports the endeavour for regional supply
  • The Bachguterhof is run by one family. These are Franz and Elisabeth with their daughters Sara and Bettina.

Farm description

In 1998, this family decided in favour of organic farming according to Bioland guidelines.
Initially, only apples and grapes were grown on the farm. Over the years, their attitude to these monocultures has changed and they have consciously focussed on diversity and more ecology. This was the only way to develop a closed cycle.
Their aim is to produce healthy, high-quality fruit and vegetables according to ecological principles and to distribute them on fair terms. They attach particular importance to mixed crops, a wide range of varieties and species and the plants' resistance to disease.
The agricultural area is 2.25 hectares, divided into 4 plots. Various crops are grown on all plots, mostly in mixed crops.
The smallest plot is located at the farm in Dorf Tirol, where the residential building and the farm building with rooms for storage, processing and sales are located, as well as some shelters for their animals. The young plants and house herbs are also grown there.
The second plot is not far from the house. There is a foil tunnel and a large part of their vegetable patches. Apple and pear trees grow in between, as well as stone fruit and berries.
A little way below is an orchard where the Topaz, Pinova and Galiwa apple varieties thrive.
Their vineyard, the fourth plot, is situated in a sunny and steep location opposite the Brunnenburg. In addition to grapes, various stone and pome fruit varieties, chestnuts and a few fig and olive trees also thrive on these sunny terraces. There are a small number of beehives here.
Most of the plots are surrounded by hedges. These serve as a boundary, windbreak, bird and insect food and in some cases also as protection from the pesticides used in conventional agriculture.
The farm also has a beekeeping business run according to Bioland guidelines. A Dexter cow with offspring and poultry enrich the farm cycle. Self-sufficiency with healthy food is one of their main concerns.
By participating in this project, we are supporting sustainable, regional, seasonal, organic and fair farming.
We are delighted to be one of the first to support this community-supported agriculture and to be able to offer you Bioland products from our village.